Ann Cabell Standish Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On 2nd April 1948, in Sewickley, Pennsylvania USA, Ann Cabell Standish was born. She is famous for being the wife of the attorney who served as the sixth director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), named Robert Mueller. He served in that respected position from 2001 to 2013. Robert allows acknowledges his wife Ann’s contributions towards his success. 

Ann’s Childhood And Life As A Student 

Very little is known about Ann’s childhood days as it was often left undiscovered by the media, however, it is known that she was raised by her parents at Sewickley. Located in Farmington, Connecticut, she attended Miss Porter’s school and people assume that there was where she first met his future husband. Miss Porter’s is a very renowned college preparatory school for girls. Almost, students from all over the USA and from many other countries seek their opportunity to get into Miss Porter’s every year. Although, only 300 students are enrolled in Miss Porter’s every year but from about 31 different countries and almost 25 states of the US. 

After completing her matriculation, Ann enrolled herself at a private college named Sarah Lawrence College, which is established in New York. The college follows their academics the same as Ivy League colleges like Oxford, Yale, and others. The college is marked for its very low student to faculty ratio and facilitates individual study and emphasis deeply on the individual growth of its students in the academic field. The College provides various scholarships on performing arts, writing, and humanities. Ann’s husband Robert was a double graduate, owning his degrees from Princeton University and New York University. 

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Personal Life of Ann

Ann and Robert met each other when Ann was only 17 years old, at a party held in her high school. The two started dating and they married in the year 1966. The couple had two children and now they have three grandchildren in total. Among their two children, one of their daughters was born with spina bifida, a spinal cord defect. Mueller never forgets to show his gratitude towards her wife and what she has done for her through these years. She was the support Robert needed to carry on his life towards great success. Robert is so fond of her wife that in his University of Virginia profile she said that he is almost nothing without his wife being on his side. Ann was diligently hidden her’s and her husband’s personal life from the media.

Ann Cabell Standish’s Net Worth 

It is almost nothing known about Ann Cabell Standish’s career, so it is assumed that her husband’s wealth is shared by the two of them. Robert has a net worth, upon estimated, of about 4 million US dollars. He maintained very high and respectable positions during his career in law, military, and government. And from those long years of service, he was able to gain this quite mammoth net worth.

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