Angie Griffin Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Angie Griffin is one of the top-notch actresses as well as a YouTuber. Angie achieved her vast success through the YouTube network of ScreenTeam in the 2010 year, as on this show, she worked with her hubby Chad Nikolaus. Thus, almost one million followers were reached from this show.

Angie Griffin’s Childhood and Educational background                       

In the year 1982, and on May 16, Angela Marie Griffin had taken birth, and her place of born was Bakersfield City in California, situated in the USA. Angie obtained her degree from high school but never went to college or University.

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Career by Angie Griffin

Angie Griffin established her own YouTube channel with her husband, Chad Nikolaus. Angie and Chad show their significant interests in doing movies, shows, and video together as well as both of them created different types of videos based on comedy shows. Together they launched a video debut named Imma Be Parody, Tweet Imma Wii, Pee, SPOOF, and many so; these videos earned lots of publicity. However, both have together kept working like this and gained unlimited followers on the YouTube channel. Angie and Chad both went to game platforms, and together they create some stunning videos, and one of the best known was Ryan Reynolds Recipes Green Lantern Oath At Comic-Con, and almost 10,000 million viewers watched this game. Like this, Angie and Chad achieved immense popularity, which helps them get more ideas about creating new videos, so they also released TV series and songs on comedy.

Both Reached To Fame

Angie and Chad’s life turned to be of utmost fame when in 2012, they featured together in Spiderman In Real Life Song (For Kids), and around 140 million people watched this video. Without any doubt, both created lots of videos together and gained approximately 1.2 million followers and viewers of such videos.

There are plenty of videos made by Angie and Chad. They include Sonic & Parkour Parody, Sonic Boom #SonicBoom, and these videos have around 50 million subscribers. Another video was What Makes You Beautiful. This reached up to 30 million viewers even though, for Avengers Age of Ultron Song Parody and Ultron Funk which has got around 20 million subscribers worth Worth, 

Physical appearances of Angie Griffin.

AngieWortht’s Worth has been accumulated around $500,000. Angie’s height is around 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and her weight is 154lbs ~ 70kg, although Angie’s body measurements are 41-28-38, and 36E is Angie’s bra size. Angie’s hair is black, and her eyes are sapphire colors.

Personal Life, Marriage of Angie Griffin

Angie’s personal life is open like a book. Angie and Chad have been living together since 2006, and they have two beautiful daughters together. Angie’s husband Chad is a popular actor who played in the ScreenTeam channel, and Chad holds American by nationality. However, in 2009, Chad also worked on Movie Move TV series, and in 2011 he appeared in a Famous short movie. Angie is very active on her Instagram account, and she frequently shares her photos and other posts of her series and movies on her social media profile.

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