Andrew Pruett Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early life

Andrew Pruett is American born and the date is 1st January 1980. His age is 41 and his date of birth says that her zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is famous mostly because of being the form husband of Abigail Spencer, the actress. As far as his student life is concerned, Pruett studied at The University of John Brown and took broadcasting as his major subject. He was an employee of the multinational company Apple and late he became the Chief Executive Officer of NRG Sports. His linkages with the company of Walt Disney are also tracked. 

Story of Abigail And Pruett

In 2004, Pruett and Abigail, his former wife met for the first time. Their first meeting was probably through a common friend and they immediately started dating and got married the exact same year. After about four years, in 2008, Roman, their first child (son) was born. But after about eight years of married life, they decided to separate and have a divorce. The divorce was completed in 2013 and was initiated in 2008. Roman’s custody was given to the mother Abigail. Rumor spread that, Pruett, must be guilty someway for this divorce. Later Abigail confirmed it by accusing her former husband of a bully and verbally abusive person. However, some people prefer to take Andrew’s side and thought that his ex-wife was probably making up her own things against Andrew. Immediately after the divorce was initiated Andrew was seen dating Kristine Chenoweth Dawn. 

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Abigail Spencer, Former Wife

Abigail was born on 4th August 1981. Her zodiac sign is Leo. He is now a 39 years old woman born in Gulf Breeze, located in Florida, United States. She is very renowned to be an actress in famous TV serials. If we name a few there were “Crazy Men”, “How did I meet your mother” etc. Her parent’s name was Yancy Spencer III and Lydia Ann Brown, while her siblings’ name was Sterling Spencer and Yancy Spencer IV. The actress has a mixed ancestral background, probably Cherokee. About her hometown she said, “Sugar is like what the sand was. Pure turquoise was the water. It was exactly similar to the Caribbean”. 

Abigail’s Career 

In 1998, Abigail started her career with “All of my children” and after completing it in 2000 she joined to work for “Stories of Campfire.” And then after that, she has worked on numerous other projects and TV serials which made her popular among almost all American daily watchers. She has worked now for almost 22 years and she has been never short of work in her hand. She always ends up getting a role after finishing one. She has been a part of any new serial almost every year since she entered the industry as an actress in 1998. She has made herself a lot of fans and Abigail never fails to show gratitude towards them.

Andrew’s Net Worth 

Though not known exactly, it is assumed around 2 million US dollars

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