Al Sharpton Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Al Sharpton is an activist that is popularly recognized as a talk show host, civil rights activist, and Baptist minister. He also actively participates in politics and has a radio talk show named “Keepin’ it Real” that he hosts. Al Sharpton has made his appearance on many news channels and television shows and has never failed to express his thoughts regarding Christian religion, politics, and the rights of people. He also hosted a prevalent nightly talk name titled PoliticsNation by MSNBC. 

He is recognized for his endless demonstrations raised for injustices that happen to African Americans, which also landed him in lockup. She is famous for her straightforward talk. 

Early Life

The full name of Al Sharpton is Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. He was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, on 3rd Oct 1954. Al Sharpton is a child of Sharpton and Ada Richards. His parents got separated in 1963, and after Al’s dad left them, there was no income source. Al’s mother, Ada, earned for the family by working as a maid, and her income was low, but gradually she earned and made her children study. 

Because Ada earned a small amount of money, she took children and moved to Brownsville from Hollis, Queens. Al completed his studies at Samuel J. Tilden High School and then moved to Brooklyn College to conduct further studies. There he was selected to be a youth director, and later, he became a tour manager. 

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Career Beginnings

Al Sharpton was chosen as a youth director by Jesse Jackson in 1969 for a group named Operation Breadbasket. The main aim of this group was to enhance the livelihood of youths and help poor people find jobs. Later in 1971, Al founded the National Youth Movement that also focused on improving livelihood. Still, this movement was for people who are poor and have a lack of even essential commodities required for living. For his straightforward talk, he got involved in various demonstrations that were against injustices. 

He was once an advisor for Obama’s tenor that was related to general issues. He also raised his voice for cruelty amongst animals and was a big supporter of gay and lesbians, and he motivated everyone to appreciate homosexuals. Al has also worked as a lawyer and has provided recommendations and suggestions to many victims that faced injustice. 

Personal Life

He got married to Kathy Jordan in 1980 but got separated after a few years in 2004. He then married Marsha Tinsley and had a girlfriend named Aisha McShaw, a personal banker and personal stylist, at the same time. Al has two daughters named Dominic and Ashley from his wife, Kathy Jordan. He is also a voluntary affiliate of Phi Beta Sigma. 

He also became a Baptist in the 1980s and later was selected as a Baptist minister. He is quite an active participant in debates and is known for defending his belief in God and religious faith. 

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Al Sharpton is approximately 500,000 dollars. His income sources include his authored works and radio talk show. 

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