Adelia Clooney Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

In Lexington, a town in the state of Kentucky, United States of America, Adelia Clooney took birth. Although she works as an accountant herself, she is a public-known face probably because she is the sister of veteran American actor George Clooney. George earned world-wide popularity among film enthusiasts for his stunning roles in films such as “From Dusk to Dawn”, “Sarina”, “Ocean Eleven” and “Descendants”.

Facts from Adelia’s career and Life

Adelia belongs of Irish, German, and English descent. She was the daughter of former TV personality Nick Clooney, who worked most of his career for the network of AMC, and Adelia’s mother was former beauty pageant and councilwoman Nina Bruce. She was born in a staunch Roman Catholic family and the family later moved to Augusta, located in Kentucky. Apart from her mother, many more from her family was involved in the Hollywood film industry and they were the ones who provoked George, her brother, to get into the world of cinema and entertainment. Although, Adeliabelonged to a very popular family, she decided to hide it all from the public and live a peaceful life of her own away from all spotlights. She started working as an accountant and sometimes very rarely was seen with his brother in some red carpet lavish events. 

Adelia married and along with her family, she chose to settle in her hometown, where she was raised and spent her childhood. Her better-half was a military officer who suddenly died and now Adelia has two children to look after. She is, along with brother does quite a lot of charity works as they both are a philanthropist and George made a lot of money doing great in the film industry. They have also worked for many humanitarian organizations and projects and tried to do whatever they can for the ones who are sharing the bad luck of being poor, underprivileged, or needy. 

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Adelia’s Personal Life

Getting, adopting the name Adelia Clooney Ziedlar, in 1987 she married Norman Zeidler. However, nothing much about the couple’s life together before marriage is not quite known. They had a couple of children after their marriage. Norman had to travel a lot, probably all around the USA, because he was a senior military officer and that’s what his work required him to do. We often hear news of military generals pass away during wars and other lethal security services but that was not the case when it comes to Norman. In 2004, he had to face a severe coronary attack which took his life. 

Net Worth 

Just for being an accountant and not doing movies for her career, Adelia has made herself a wealth of about 200,000 US dollars while her brother has an extremely huge net worth of about 240 million US dollars. Many of her family members have touched that million mark but she has not. 

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